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Wine Online? Boxed Could Be Best

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Boxed wine is gaining more respect, and if you are trying to order wine online, a box may be the best option if you want good wine to arrive intact for a reasonable price. If you haven't tried boxed wine before, do be aware that it is something where you definitely get what you pay for; cheaper boxed wines might not taste as good. But those that cost more -- again, the prices will still be reasonable -- can provide excellent quality in much better packaging.

Better Packaging for Shipping

If you have to ship a liquid, which packaging material is going to stand a better chance of not letting the liquid leak: sealed, lined, and tightly packed cardboard and plastic or glass? That glass can brack easily if the wine is dropped, but the boxes might survive a lot more easily, albeit be a little dented. The packaging is also more efficient because the boxes are designed to stack well with each other; you don't have to have a lot of open space due to the neck design of a particular bottle.

It's Not the Package but the Wine

Remember that what really makes the wine is the wine itself, not the packaging. While boxed wine containers can look a bit like overgrown juice boxes, that does not affect the quality of the wine itself. And in fact, the design of the boxes, which are really bags or plastic bladders inside boxes, can help preserve the wine after the box has been opened, keeping the wine in a more drinkable condition. There is nothing about glass that lends anything special to wine other than more elegant looks. If you're going to have someone over for a candlelight dinner, yes, a bottle might be more impressive. But if you and friends are just chatting over wine, the packaging aethestics would not be a concern.

Less Costly Materials Equal Less Costly Wine

All of the packaging that goes into sending glass bottles through the mail safely is not really needed for boxed wine. Some padding is still necessary to prevent the boxes from sustaining damage, of course, but the boxes are a lot easier to pack securely. Glass bottles need to be coddled and pampered so that you don't end up with a bunch of shards and wet packaging. The cost savings of shipping boxed wine get passed on to you the customer.

If you're still iffy about boxed wine, contact sellers as well as local wine clubs and their sommeliers to ask about their experiences with boxed wine. You may discover that the box is what you've been looking for all these years. For more information, contact companies like Chankaska Winery.