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Beyond Cabernet And Chardonnay: 4 Intersting Wines To Serve At Your Next Dinner Party

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If you're planning an upcoming dinner party, but you are not a wine aficionado, then you might not know any wine besides the common cabernet and chardonnay. While these wines are perfectly fine, if you are looking to expand the wine list, then know that there are a whole world of wines to choose from. So, because it can be very difficult to navigate through the many varietals, this list below will point out some cool and interesting wines you can serve.


Champagne is a bit too formal for most dinner parties, but if you do want to serve a sparkling wine, then a perfect choice is prosecco. This is the sparkling wine from Italy, and while it's flavor is similar to champagne, it doesn't carry the same sort of intimidating air that classic French champagne has. Also, a bottle of good prosecco is also much more affordable than a good bottle of French champagne. Prosecco can be a great drink to have after dinner with dessert.

Sauvignon Blanc

If you are looking for a companion to chardonnay, then you need to check out Sauvignon blanc. It's a very light wine and has beautiful flavor that is distinct from the heavier, more alcohol heavy chardonnay. The flavor notes are much more floral and citrus, with notes of lime and green apple. You can offer this white wine for guests who are not fans of full bodied white wines like oaky chardonnays.

Pinot Noir

In the same way that some guests might want a lighter white wine, there are some guests who might want a lighter red wine. A nice Cabernet is great for those people who want full bodied wines, but some people just find them too overpowering. A perfect alternative is a great Pinot Noir. These wines have a nice, fruity palate, with a touch of sweetness, but they are much lighter than Cabernets. It's a medium tannin wine, with low acidity, and has wonderful notes of raspberry, vanilla, and clove.


Sauterene is a really excellent choice for a dessert wine. It's from France, and is a white style sweet wine. This makes it very interesting because many guests might only have been exposed to something like Port or Sherry. Sauterene wine has a beautiful golden color, and has flavor notes such as apricots, caramel, and honey. It's a delicate wine, but still strong enough to provide an intense flavor. It's great for an after dinner dessert that is not sweet (such as cheese or fruit).