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Surviving Your First Beer Festival

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If you have bought tickets to a beer festival, you are in for a great time. If you have been to one before, you have probably learned a few things to do and some to avoid during the festival. If, however, this is your first one, you should take heed to the following tips to ensure the most enjoyable experience. Of course, some of these tips may come in handy for those of you who are a regular on the beer fest circuit.

Plan for Transportation

Know matter how well you pace your tasting, there is a good chance you will achieve a blood alcohol content that you should not drive with. This leaves you with a few options. Bring a designated driver or find alternative transportation. If the festival is more than one day long you can take turns being the driver. Most festivals arrange to have either shuttle buses to major hotels or have taxi cabs waiting to get attendees where they need to be. However, it is a good idea you check this out before showing up at the festival and drinking.


Before starting to drink be sure to eat something. It is a good idea to avoid greasy foods and focus on bread, crackers, or pretzels instead. It is a good idea to have a bag of pretzels with you throughout the tasting. Not only will this keep something in your stomach to help absorb the alcohol, it will also cleanse your palate a bit between brews so you can rate them more properly.

Wait to Buy Things

If you find a brew or book you want to buy, wait until you are about to leave for the day to do so. You do not want to be stuck lugging around something heavy all day. Have a small notebook, or make a note in your phone, about the things you want to buy and where they are located. This way, as you are getting ready to leave you can quickly find the booths and make your purchases. In addition, you might think what you see or find in the first couple of booths is great, but then, later on, you find something you want even more. You don't want to run out of money or spend too much because you bought something early and then decided you wanted something different.

Enjoy the day, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and be prepared for weather changes. Do pace yourself, take the time to listen to the brewers, and watch some of the performances going on. You have all day, or all weekend to taste the different beers. You want to be able to tell everyone you made it through the whole festival. For more information, contact organizations such as Rockin River Beer and Music Festival.